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Hi! My name is Kumar Swapnil.

Currently I am a pre final year undergraduate student of Information Technology(IT) at Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Sonepat.I am a developer who loves to innovate and develop softwares.I Have a sound knowledge of C++, Java, Python , Javascript and have proven my skills by developing many projects.

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My Projects...

A Chrome Extension

A Chrome extension that notifies about upcoming Programming contests on various platforms. Uses Javascript and Material Design Lite.

A Facebook Messenger Bot

Joey is your personal competitive coding Assistance which does many things like fetching user stats on various platforms, recommending random coding problems, fetches details about upcoming contests and many more. Uses api.ai for better understanding of what user asks.

My NoteBox:
An Android Utility App

An android app that lets the user to write and capture ideas as notes , and to-do lists. Notes can be displayed in preffered language, English or Hindi . User can also share the note to anyone .